10 Ways To Keep Your Man From Cheating On You


Women’s magazines just burst with the number of tips for maintaining relations. And they are all built on only one algorithm: what can glue your partner to your for ever. No wonder, women does not want their men to cheat over them.

We decided to contribute to these numerous article in our own special way. We decided to ask men what can hold them back from cheating. The results appeared to be quite unpredictable. However, these tips are really effective.

Today we are going to give you 10 things that will prevent your man from cheating. Use our tips and your romantic life will be way more happier, we promise.

1. No criticism

A man is constantly criticized. The one who works a lot or is engaged in sports or simply lives with a woman is scolded many times more often than praised. And from this, in fact, sometimes you want to run to the Canadian border, without looking back.

2. No whining

By whining we understand any maxim, persistently repeated more often than once a day. And if it also has imperative notes, then it does not cause any desire other than to do the opposite. For example, to cheat.

3. No sobbing

Crying is the secret weapon of women. But few people know that killing this weapon is only the desire of a man to stay in a relationship. Even the most experienced and wise partner does not know what to do with female tears, and the unknown scares.

4. No “serious” talk about the relationship

The word “serious” is generally better to be removed from the lexicon, before the relationship has turned into a dull tug of war and cheating each other in the context of “who is more guilty.” It can provoke your man to leave.


5. No prohibitions on partying

The male just needs time and place to move himself. So, don’t make him your own home pet. It can cause cheating and you definitely don’t want it to happen.

6. No abstinence in bed

Lord, no one asks to jump into bed at the first request of a partner. However, all the boyfriends of the world in fact for many years waiting for only one thing, which is the recognition that women need sex as much, as men.

7. No control

“Where are you? When will you come?”.Simply total control is humiliating by the fact itself. He won’t get any closer to you, if you control him permanently.

8. No nicknames

Especially in the presence of strangers. The man, by the way, is working on his reputation.

9. Love

A man is also a human being, no matter how surprising this information might be of a woman. And like any warm-blooded creatures, man wants to be loved.

10. Appreciate him and never take him as granted

You should be thankful that his decision is to be with you. You also should be proud of yourself, because of that.